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02-08-2011, 05:22 AM
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Yeh. Thanks for proving my point. I think Video guy wanted people to show up at the rink and confront him face to face. When people laughed at that they all got together and took issue with the board peeps and went private. No offence video guy, just let the posts go for what they are...a radio talk show type thing where people can offer two cent opinions and remain without idenity. If people think it is only 4 or 5 people who are upset with the situation then do a survey on this board. I doubt that there are only about a dozen people who even care about the Tommies and their situation. Fredericton has UNB, Moncton has U De M etc etc. I don't think, that other than 25 people care if STU hits bottom of the barrel every year, if UNB female folded or even if STU female folded. The female hockey was always about who has money to bring in players from out west, NS etc. Look at the roster of the females. The teams spend thousands of dollars to bring ladies from all over the globe to play hockey in front of 50 fans a game and now the men are drawing 200!! Students don't go to the games anyway. Fredericton has always been an adult crowd. Adults simply won't pay 15 dollars to see a lop sidded game. If STU gains in ability then people will pay to watch a game. As for true fans, they write to these boards to show displeasure with the operation of the team.

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