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02-08-2011, 04:55 AM
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Oh yes, one final thing I always said that the move to the new rink was an investment of over a million dollars. That was confirmed by the university and confirmed again in the gleaner this morning. oh yeh almost forgot Mike will be offered one job or the other. because assistant coaches were mentioned it is the same as confirming he won't be back as coach. They are, however, confirming that they are committed to bringing hockey to the competitive level. That means more money, which will mean a paid for assistant coach and money under the table for the players. betcha all players start getting money awards etc and first line players suddenly start driving new trucks. Non varsity sports were mentioned so they are safe to go, but they cost no money anyway. female hockey was not mentioned, but it will either get the axe or be given more scholarships to recruit an entire team of imports. Either way STU is buying us one or two new teams...yay. Oh yeh nothing in store for the rest of the student body.

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