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Originally Posted by The Saw Is the Law View Post
Remember if they acquire new player at deadline. 8 mil player = 1/4 his salary goes to cap because about 1/4 left regular season. So 4million player -> 1 million to cap, 8 million player 2 million to cap.

Pens have lots of space... Also Bruins.

But Flyers beat 'em!
That's not the way it works. Proration (i.e. your 1/4 of the season statement) doesn't actually happen unless you are under the cap, and "bank" cap space every single day.

Basically, Malkin's daily hit is $47,282. If you DON'T spend that money during the first half of the season (i.e. you are TRULY under the cap by that amount every single day), you can then EXCEED the daily cap by that amount the 2nd half of the season. Which is where proration comes in. So if you save $47,282 every single day until the mid-point of the year. You can then spend 94,564 the 2nd half of the season; technically exceeding the daily cap, but you've been "banking" money the entire first half. 94,464 equates to almost 17.4 million on a yearly deal.

However, none of that is actually happening, because Malkin WAS on the cap all year (to the best of my knowledge). So they didn't bank any cap space for him. So they can merely exceed the cap by his FULL cap hit every single day (if they so choose). So without entirely knowing the rest of their cap sitaution, the simple answer is, if you place Malkin, making 8.7 yearly on LTIR, you can add another player making 8.7. You don't really have any concerns because Malkin isn't coming back this year.

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