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10-10-2003, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by montreal
It's simple really. He's on the ice for a lot more goals against then goals for. He's soft, slow and lazy with a nice wrist shot.
Last night he wasn't lazy, he would actively forecheck, get back on defense quickly, give the stick to his player in the slot, etc. He wasn't that slow either and forced some quick plays by the Sens defense. He's usually soft, but against the sens he would take hits and even give some, use his stick to shove the player out of the slot, etc. He wasn't at fault for any Sens goal. It's not his fault that he was playing with Audette. Bulis wasn't awesome either, I'd even say Perreault had a better game then Bulis.

About the fact that "he's on the ice for a lot more goals against then goals for", well he's a career -7 and he has a total of 50 PP + SH points, so in his career he was on the ice for 43 more goals for than goals against.

What I find funny on this board is that we get trends where almost everyone has a player/coach they dislike and won't give them ANY credit whatever they do. The same is true for other players that get unconditional love whatever mistake they do (Kilger is a bit of an example, he's played with the sleep switch on and yet we're ready to give him another chance, saying he's not that bad).

I don't like Perreault much. I don't like Brisebois much. Yet I'll give them credit if they have a good game.

Perreault did everything that people accused him of not doing last night. Sure, he wasn't all over the ice and a superstar, but that's not exactly his job. Yet he's getting dissed again...

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