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02-08-2011, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Retsmra2010 View Post
It's actually nothing like that at all. You see, in order to use a metaphor you first need to understand the basics of hockey and contract when those are the two subjects in contention.

It is very possible an extension can be worked out prior to a trade while it is nearly impossible for a player to become ridiculously good at something they've never been good at.

kaberle WILL NOT be traded without an extension in place with the receiving team. End of story. So, either he tentatively agrees to terms with Boston or he doesn't get moved to Boston. thus, it's futile to discuss it under any other assumptions.

Can you wrap your head around this or not?
It doesn't work like that. Can you wrap your head around that?

But if you want to play fantasy trade day, here's how that one would pan out. Boston offers less then they would for Kaberle as a UFA because Burke has essentially just whittled the trade market down to 1 team. If Kaberle likes the dollar figure and term Boston just offered, and he likes his chances with Boston he simply tells Burke that's where I'm going, either now or in the offseason. Unless of course all the teams on Kaberle's specific list want to obtain his services for the long run, and are willing to match his contract demands as well, all while offering more then Boston does.

Honestly, I don't think he gets moved because I think BB asks for more then he's worth once again. Then Leaf nation blows up in the offseason when he signs elsewhere, somewhere where he won't be talked about in trade rumors every other day.

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