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10-10-2003, 08:56 AM
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Excellent post NWT Habs Fan. And that brings back to our original question. What long should we wait before we made a judgement on CJ? OK he did come in mid-season last year and it is hard to make adjustment. FINE! but he is the training camp + last season to make adjustment. He should be given more time! Sounds fair to me, but for how much longer?

When Mario Tremblay resigns and Vigneault takes over. I saw the improvement during training camp and also in the season. I just don't see the impact CJ has on the team over Therien. Indeed Therien has a better record than CJ.

I believe we agree that hiring Bob Gainey, an experienced GM, is a good move for the Habs. Hire Pierre Gauthier, Andre Savard as scouts are good move because they are experienced scouts. It made me somehow wonder if an experienced NHL coach will make a difference (I know Doug Jarvis has little exp, and I am not referring to him here)

Again, I am not a CJ basher nor supportor. For now I am neutral. I beleive he should be given time but at the same time I want to see progress. I don't care if they win/lost the first game but somehow I just cannot see the change/improvement/progress since CJ took over last year.

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