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02-08-2011, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by gleanerguy View Post
So, let's ***** if the team is not competitive. You ***** now if they take the necessary steps to make it competitive. At the risk of outing myself, I sat in Dennis Cochrane's office for 90 minutes yesterday...they're late to the realization, but they realize a competitive flagship athletic program is important to the university. The million dollar investment they're making at the rink, they consider an investment...they can generate revenue through sales of canteen rights, rink board advertising and so on. They're not tipping their hand as to which job Eagles will be offered -- I don't think they're sure yet themselves. But if it's the coaching job, yes, they'll be looking at the assistants too -- not on a full time basis a la UNB, but somebody who can assist Mike and has strengths that he doesn't have.
I'm getting the flavour of this whole deal now -- it's just a place to complain. They're damned if they do something, damned if they don't. You people have been screaming for change. You're getting it. Now you're screaming about the direction that change takes. Sheesh!
Ya I'm kind of confused too. The issue with teams like female hockey playing in front of 50 fans is one that isn't going away. The CIS has advocated for gender equity in athletic spending, for years, although in truth they are still formulating an acutal policy, but my point is although I am the first to say it takes a lot of money to run a successful varsity program, it is no business operation to be sure, it is subject to just as much political interference as anything else. So the female Thommies, despite 50 fans, are here to stay I would venture. Having said that, how UNB got away with it is still beyond me, but they may have balanced the spending in other ways. Secondly, there are two sources of revenue. Team raised and University raised. The latter would provide scholarships, the former, other authorized/[/U]legal[/U] expenses, and I'll admit beyond scholarships, there is not much variability there. ( you are not allowed to "pay" them as much as a free T shirt!) Anyway the implication I read says they intend to raise all kinds of money and first line players will be driving new trucks as a result. If you could afford that kind of money to begin with, trust me they'll have a top notch team long before the first new vehicle arrives and it won't be necessary to break the law. Still, I would agree it is an excellent opportunity for a new coach. Thirdly, I saw STU a few times this year, and saw a great effort every time, I still think they have enough pride there to build on. The fans will be back eventually, cripes we played in front of that many in the Halifax Metro Center when the coach refused to bow out, sometimes less than that! (200) Guess I don't see where the team "walked out on him".

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