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Originally Posted by LadyStanley View Post

NBA player learns that all he has to do to return from concussion is give his word to doctor's he's OK. Wants league to come up with concussion policy.

You kinda think with all the publicity throughout sports there would be a bit more required to return.
There's not a requirement because it's ridiculously difficult to tell when somebody is "recovered enough" from a concussion, and there's also a fair bit of controversy about impact testing's reliability. A study done on high school players showed many had significant decreases in their impact tests throughout the season even though they never received a concussion.

Generally, the medical standard is one week symptom free, including symptoms that only occur when your heart rate gets up (that's what sounds like's getting Crosby right now). But many symptoms are self-reported, so a player who wants to return could lie about experiencing dizziness or nausea. And until medical science finds some way to see the damage and healing from a concussion on an MRI, functional MRI or CT scan, that's going to be the best we've got.

So with the NBA, a doctor shouldn't clear a player until he's been symptom-free a week regardless. The only thing I might change about that is make it a designated list of doctors to prevent players "doctor shopping" for someone who wouldn't agree with the initial diagnosis and would clear them before a week.

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