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07-14-2005, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by GagneOwnsYou
The argument that if women can play with men then men sshould be able to play with women is laughable. There is simply nowhere else for an average female hockey player to play if she wishes to move to a different level of competition. Whereas men who need to take a step down can simply slide into a beer league or low level hockey, not switch into women`s hockey.
Women's hockey is non-contact, where as most men and beer leagues aren't. What if a guy wants to play in a non-contact league and his only option is the woman's league? I guess that's laughable rather than fair though. Bottom line is, what the goose wants, the gander should be able to get too. If women want to play with the men, the men should have the option to play with the women.

And as for there being no where else for an average female player to go, maybe that average female player should stick around to help develop the women's game rather than jump to the men's league. It's one thing if you want to do it so as to make a career out of it and make a living, like Wickenheiser did when she tried played in Europe a while back, but if we are talking 14-year-olds, try and help the women's game by playing with other women and helping them improve their game rather than jumping ship to the men.

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