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07-14-2005, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by think/blue
Nope. My contention is that amateur scouting is not going to be "pointless" (your words - something you no doubt exaggerated in your once again pathetic attempt to bash ferguson)...anytime you can get an asset out of a draft pick, you're better off. It's not a difficult concept to grasp, nor does it take a genius to figure out. With extra money floating around, the Leafs can afford to put money into both amateur and pro scouting and development (as they have done and will no doubt continue to do), obtain assets and use them to remain competitive. What John Ferguson said makes sense - its all about assets. (And a little lesson for the uninformed, you get assets by drafting well ) Anyone without an agenda to pursue can see that.
ok. better to have as many assets as possible. there's no denying that. that was the case pre-2005cba, and will be post-2005cba.

maybe burke articulated the point better then i did. surely its logical to think the amateur scouting and drafting will not mean nearly as much now. especially for a team like the leafs! all i can hear on this board is how every free agent will be dying to join the leafs. at age 25-27! that's music to the leafs ears!

Like I said, citing Brian Burke of all GM's on anything regarding amateur scouting is a joke...look at his past. He gave away draft picks left, right and center...he didn't care then, he doesn't now. Why take him seriously in that regard? He left the Canucks prospect pool in shambles, and somehow we're to believe that's not going to mean anything in the new nhl Amateur scouting pointless? Lou Lamoriello is laughing his ass off. Was Burke right on the pro-scouting part? Yep, most likely. But show me where JFJ said he doesn't care about pro scouting....
its a huge stretch to suggest burke's comments have something to do with his past draft record (which i'm no expert on, but i doubt its nearly as bad as you're saying).

maybe he did leave the canucks prospect pool in shambles. but i saw a leafs farm team vs. habs farm team comparison in another thread, so i'll make one here. what happened the last time the leafs farm team played the canucks farm team?

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