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07-14-2005, 03:33 PM
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Thanks for those that responded... especially The Messenger who replied to all of my questions.

It seems that everyone is taking a wait-and-see approach. I'm a little surprised that some seem more apprehensive about Quinn's abilities than JFJ's. I guess JFJ doesn't have too much of a track record yet, so I can appreciate that Leaf fans are willing to be patient with him.

A lot of his signings and moves have been consistent with the expectations of a big market team in the previous CBA, I'm mainly wondering whether or not he can maintain a powerhouse team with the salary limitations. Even big spenders like Philly, Colorado, Detroit and NJ had made some very shrewd deals. St. Louis had always spent around their mistakes and it cost them dearly.

JFJ has made some deals... maybe none of them are as bad as some people say, however I'd hardly call any of his moves "shrewd". They all seem to go along the lines of "McCabe had a career year and what he got was market value" or "Belfour could've gone to any team and there's nobody else out there, we had to pay him more so he wouldn't escape".

JFJ hasn't been around long, but IMO he hasn't made any deals like the Handzus+Esche for Boucher trade that give you a pretty good idea that the team will be agile enough to compensate for a payroll that will almost be halved. Handing out one or two bad deals could really handcuff a team for 3 or 4 years (especially in future years where buyouts will count against the cap). Are there any player transactions that JFJ's made to show that he can identify and acquire talent at a bargain? Many of his best moves seem to be more business related (Marlies, hiring staff, media relations, slicking back his hair).

The points about bringing on Button and Maurice are very well taken. Both of them will help tremendously in the roles they were given & its a great first step.

Incidentally, I found the original discussion that inspired this set of questions. Its interesting to read that one year later, many of the opinions are exactly the same. If anyone's interested, here's the link:

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