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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
Put up the deposit and reap the benefits for yourself. Less you pay later on. Prices are probably going to go up, but they don't make that determination before they know they're making the playoffs.

If you don't do the early bird you should be able to get into 2 lines. Personally, it's not really worth the drive and the wait. I got through 3 lines before they let everyone else through at 5:45
You are singing to the choir... I would gladly put up the Early Bird deposit if I could... My partner owns the Seats and has for decades even though I actually attend much more games than he does (50% and any extras I buy in other seats as well as road games)... But on this I am at his mercy... It is in his name and under his control.

The prices going up means nothing to him really as he will renew and sell off games he doesn't want -- if he pulls out, I would take over control -- He just has little to no interest in meeting the players and that sort of stuff... He feels that giving them even that token amount is giving them our money to play with and that it is unfair for them to ask us to commit without having the courtesy of telling us what the prices are... Keep in mind he has been a STH for over forty years and I have been for over 35 and I bought seats off of him before that... I have a say, but I have no control... I stated my case but in the end I told him I would back him in his decision ... for harmony sake. I'd like that BBQ meetings and the other perks; he couldn't care less and has his principles... But on the bright side I do get to attend these type events (like last night's) and I got the Winter Classic ticket purchase option. If he was more into the extra stuff like the meet and greet and town hall, etc. I wouldn't get to attend all of them and I'd have to split them... so it is a give and take, and I am better off for it in the end... and I only have to buy 22 games and not worry about selling off the others -- more than that is too heavy a load to commit to in both time and dollars.

And thus are The Days of Our Lives. haha

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