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02-08-2011, 05:46 PM
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A step in the right direction, but why the automatic assumption that Eagles' is to have a continued role. What if a proper review determines that he is not fit for either job? Then why not open both positions to competition and field the best possible candidates? And to say the area in which he will definitely be involved is recruiting? The man who couldn't entice a fly to a pile of ****? (a more apt analogy I can't think of).

Other flaws in the plan:
1. Eagles is "demoted" to coach only, then a) doesn't have the self-respect to quit in the face of demotion and b) now has to report to his new replacement, most likely with a chip on his shoulder.
2. Eagles loses the coaching job, but continues on as AD. Is he responsible for the hiring of the new coach? Is the new coach going to be a) a puppet hire or b) having to deal with Eagles constantly looking over his shoulder and interfering?

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