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02-08-2011, 11:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
I was amazed see in him on a game in game out basis... I had no idea of just how great he was until he was a Flyer and I saw him more than on just a once in a while situation... I've been a Flyers and Hockey fan for over four decades now and I can safely say that I have never seen a player, Flyers or otherwise, that had his ability for puck handling and control. He carried the puck down the ice and my jaw would just drop in awe... His passing and on-ice vision was second to no one... While his output and total numbers were not as great as Gretzky or Mario, his performance to watch was the greatest I've ever seen. I'm not saying he was the greatest player in the NHL, nor even the greatest I've ever seen, nor even the greatest Flyers player... merely saying that on a regular basis for a season and a half I have never been amazed so often, nor enjoyed watching one player so much... He was head and shoulders above his teammates and had a better than a PPG average... when he dressed, even when not 100% in game shape, he was the best in the game, and his PPG+ average takes into account his games where he was returning from injury and not at his best.

I only wish he was here longer... and I'd love to have had him on my team over the course of his career and when he was in his prime years... I too wish he was not traded away for Lindros and was a longtime Flyer. I wish him nothing but the best; I believe he had the Flyers best interest at heart while here, I honestly got that feeling.

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