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10-10-2003, 10:38 AM
Jon Burke
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Cloutier. Without him, we could've had a much different game. Calgary out-played us in the first period, IMO, but because of some good work by our power play, we managed to get a two goal lead. We were much better in the second and third periods, IMO.

I thought Chubarov was pretty good too. Won faceoffs and generated some offense (scored the winner, and got an assist on Ruutu's goal).

King was pretty good, too. Got a couple nice chances. But I might be a little biased considering I've been a fan of his for a while now...

The checking line did a great job, IMO. Iginla only got ONE shot. If they do that good of a job every game, we'll be in good shape. The only thing I'm worried about is containing those darned Avs! :mad:

I actually thought May was pretty good. He was very important in Chubarov's goal. He also got a couple solid chances.

Salo was good on the power play, IMO. It never really seemed to click in my mind until now that he is a pretty good passer too. He isn't just all about his big shot.

The Sedins were also solid. That was a beautiful play that they made to set up King. Hopefully they'll do that a lot this season.

I wasn't particularily impressed by the first line, though they were ok on the power play I guess. Naslund was basically invisible.

So I'd say we won because of a potent power play, stellar goaltending and good work in both ends by our third and fourth lines. This game proves that we can win even when the top line isn't particularily great.