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02-09-2011, 01:29 AM
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Originally Posted by BucLight View Post
At this point, the players can wear what the team says they're gonna wear but that logo ain't gonna show up on me. Not even a keychain. And that's what counts. Merchandise sales. The logo on the ice, the logos on the walls, painted on the floors doesn't bring in the money. No sales and this thing dies on the vine....

I'm contemplating buying a third before they bugger it up.
That's what I posted before and hope this is what happens.

I got yelled at for saying the fans are fickle and will buy anything new. But it's true. Happened with the Devil Rays. New logo and similar situation happened where I and many others hated it. But people buy the look because it's new and the many logical fans don't count. And the fans that did hate it change their mind because hey, they're a Tampa Bay area fan.

This areas fans loyalties are akin to a gambler staying at a slot machine for as long as it wins, then once it's a loser running away from it like it's shooting out poison gas.

I hope that there are enough people that will: 1. Continue to speak out against the terrible redesign and let ownership know how they feel. 2. Not buy any merchandise with the new logo on it.

As I said, I'm doubtful, but I hope I'm wrong.

I will be wearing this:

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