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10-10-2003, 09:42 AM
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I had a long detailed response, but didn't bother with it.

Fact is, Giants are ahead of the Eagles in the standings and have looked considerably better in the games they played.

You say how lucky the Giants were to sneak by the Redskins, but ignore the fact that the Eagles did the exact same thing.

You state how the Eagles have faced the former SB champ Bucs and the tough NE team, but ignore the fact the the Giants faced the Dolphins (a better team than the Pats) and slapped the Rams around.

You go off about how past doesn't matter, look at the present. Fine, the present shows the Bucs collapsing in 2 games and the Pats getting ***** slapped around by the Bills.

You already conceded that Ricky Williams is a far better back than Joe Burns, so I have no friggen clue why you are still trying to say that the Eagles have faced that same level of RBs. Even if Pittman=Hambrick and Smith=Faulk is true (which I disagree), that Williams>>>Burns ends all discussion.

It is this nonsense that makes you a homer.

Want some stats? Here, educate yourself:

Eagles are last in the NFC East with the worst offense in the NFL.

Now who is the deluded one again?

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