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02-09-2011, 07:51 AM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
You make it seem like elite superstar franchise forwards are so easy to come by.

The only way to draft one is to get lucky (Zetterberg for example) or finish so badly in a season that you get the #1 pick when a Stamkos, Crosby, or Ovechkin are draft eligible.

The Rangers refuse to lose onpurpose, so they won't get #1 overall.
Then they refuse to do what is necessary to not only provide the fanbase with a superior product on the ice, but to provide them with the best possible team.

And getting lucky with the other picks is just that.
The Red Wings didn't get lucky with Zetterberg. Most teams just never devoted enough scouting to Russia and Sweden. Zetterberg, Lundqvist, Datsyuk...IMO, it is HIGHLY unlikwly that we'll see players that good get drafted that late ever again. Everyone is scouting those nations now, because now everyone realizes the value of it.

They've drafted extremely well. They're building a team.
You think every player in the system is a star in the making. I don't. They are building a team. A team full of second and third liners that isn't good enough to compete for a Stanley Cup. A team that is inferior to numerous teams around the league that are just as young but far more talented.

If the only way for them to get the elite forward is by UFA, how is that pathetic?
It's not the only way. They just won't make a sacrifice, even though they inadvertently have sacrificed season after season to mediocrity.

The Islanders are a perennial top 5 pick. How close are they to winning the Cup? What about the Oilers?

Have Tavares and Hall fixed those franchises?
Tavares has been there for two seasons, Hall as been there for less than one. The Rangers have every single advantage in the world. The Islanders and Oilers have pretty much none. In one way or another, both of those franchises have the deck stacked completely against them. It's a terrible comparison.

And having a perennial top 5 pick isn't enough. It takes competent management, as well. The Oilers were terribly operated over the last few years. Numerous awful personnel decisions. The Islanders, you know the story.

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