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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
Then they refuse to do what is necessary to not only provide the fanbase with a superior product on the ice, but to provide them with the best possible team.

Incorrect. They refuse to do what YOU feel is the best possible team but how is giving the fans the worst team in the league (to get 1 overall) = to giving the best? it's not a guarantee but it has worked so while your point is valid and makes sense it also is not the be all end all. it possibly lands you a future all star that's all to present it any other way is disingenuous at best.

The Red Wings didn't get lucky with Zetterberg. Most teams just never devoted enough scouting to Russia and Sweden. Zetterberg, Lundqvist, Datsyuk...IMO, it is HIGHLY unlikwly that we'll see players that good get drafted that late ever again. Everyone is scouting those nations now, because now everyone realizes the value of it.

So you're saying there will never be a Parise again? late round 1sts, 2nds, 3rds. Come on there will always be guys who go well over their projections. maybe not a 7th steal like you're saying but you're completely leaving out steals in earlier rounds or late 1sts and that's important to note. We have to be the ones to catch lightning in a bottle which is what every team tries to do and generally 31 teams every year fail if you wanna be so black and white about it.

You think every player in the system is a star in the making. I don't. They are building a team. A team full of second and third liners that isn't good enough to compete for a Stanley Cup. A team that is inferior to numerous teams around the league that are just as young but far more talented.

Define star. If you mean Crosby i don't see anyone ever stating we get a 100 pt crosby guy. i've seen people talk plenty about 60-80 pt guys and that's reasonable to expect out of 1 or two guys we have in the system.

It's not the only way. They just won't make a sacrifice, even though they inadvertently have sacrificed season after season to mediocrity.

This is speculation at best but it's your opinion and you're entitled to it but it's just not an absolute truth.

Tavares has been there for two seasons, Hall as been there for less than one. The Rangers have every single advantage in the world. The Islanders and Oilers have pretty much none. In one way or another, both of those franchises have the deck stacked completely against them. It's a terrible comparison.

And having a perennial top 5 pick isn't enough. It takes competent management, as well. The Oilers were terribly operated over the last few years. Numerous awful personnel decisions. The Islanders, you know the story.
OK so then how did the Pens get so good? What could the Rangers have done differently? Purposely not drafted Dubs, Cally, Staal, Hank, Step, AA, Sauer.? So they could tank and hope they get Stamkos and/.or tavares? Come on this makes no sense. You're advocating a tank. Those are the teams that tanked. it's a comparison you inadvertantly bring up. Dunno how you rationally dismiss it here. The truth is the draft has to build your team. You're completely discounting drafting well outside the top of the draft but it can work. A FA can compliment a well built team just as a top pick can. Yet you talk in circles here like it isn't then say it is...


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