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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
Pretty simple. The team hasn't developed a legitimate franchise player outside of the goaltending position since Brian Leetch, and it has been decades since the team has developed a legitimate first line forward. DECADES.

For whatever the reason, whether it's Dolan, Sather or a combination, these people refuse to do what is necessary to build a winner. They don't see the need to build a contending team, or they simply don't know how to. And, of course, as a previous poster mentioned, this doesn't seem to bother the majority of the fanbase, who fall all over themselves to praise the arrival of complimentary players and role players instead of being outraged at the fact that they're constantly being asked to pay more and more for the same inferior product, year after year. I've never seen hockey fans of an original six franchise get so excited over average bottom six forwards. I can't fathom how professional hockey fans get excited over a team that, year after year, plays beer league style hockey because they don't have enough talent to compete any other way.

I've said it all year, the only chance this club has of being a Stanley Cup contender at anytime in the near future is the possibility that a 31 year old free agent will sign with us this summer. That's how poorly managed this franchise is. They chance what should be their number one objective to an event that has so many variables.
OK so come out and say it then. "nothing the organization has done the last 5 years will result in even making it to the finals or even a top 3 seed at any point in the next 10 years." If you can say that with a straight face then good for you. if you can't it's b/c you're full of crap and know like anyone with eyes knows that this organization has stepped in the right direction. Yes with a very real chance of failure and mismanagment but right now if the org stays the course things should be good. If this team even once wins their division or makes it to the finals I dunno how you could be surprised. The organization has done the right things overall the last 5 years and it's showing. Dunno how you rationally manage to generalize this team as "just" anything. There's plenty of talent here now and if things continue to go the right way the talent will grow and add onto itself with or without a FA. If you feel this isn't true than that's ok but it's pretty unreasonable and silly to attack fans and ownership at once because the team doesn't do what you want.

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