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Originally Posted by Vexxed14 View Post
Truth is, management has NOT been trying to trade him. In fact, it has been very much the opposite. It has been the fans who have been trying to trade him and not because of poor play but because he is the player that may yield the highest return. Most true and smart fans do not want him to go at all. He would realistically be the 2nd last Dman we move from our starting lineup (Schenn being the very last).

We leaf fans ask for an overpayment for him because we don't want him to go. He will sign an extension before the draft and stay in town, especially if the rumours around Komi garnering interest are true. Beauch and Komi go this season, Kabby stays with Schenn, and we begin to reach into the farm for our impressive youngsters. We want Kabby here to help bring along Blacker who will hopefully effectively fill his role in 3yrs time or so.

TL;DR: Kabby has only been in the rumour mill because of T.O media and fans, management has never been in any serious rush to move him and has always said it would take a "blow your mind" type of offer.
Wrong. Fans don't trade players.

Fans don't strip them of there 'A'.

Fans don't publically state the window of opportunity in a players contract for other GMs.

Fans don't highlight they have not got an offer worth considering, or they have got a couple 'hits'.

I like Kaberle, want him to stay, but Brian Burke tried to trade him last summer and he tried hard.

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