Thread: Rumor: Chris Phillips to Boston
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02-09-2011, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by internetdotcom View Post
You can't just cast aside a great career because of 55 games of subpar performance on a team with a joke of a system, on which every player aside from Karlsson is having the worst year of their career. Also, he's not a guaranteed rental. As much as I want him back in Ottawa July 1, if he goes deep into the playoffs with whichever team trades for him, he would most likely resign there.

Also, there is a concept that is being blatantly ignored here : the law of supply and demand. Few sellers (really, NJ, OTT, EDM, and NYI are the only teams that are really guaranteed to be sellers) and lots of buyers creates a demand for a limited number of available assets (defencemen in this case) and drives up cost, due to the competition for their services. If BOS won't offer up a better package, someone else quite likely will. If Andy 'ancient pylon' Sutton can get a 2nd rounder, Phillips can certainly do better than that.

Exactly. A-Train and Chara are really the only defence partners (before this year) that Phillips has had, and to suggest that he didn't have at least a hand in their development is assanine.
There's your 1st problem, assuming Philips will resign with team who acquires him. That cant be a variable in his trade value because it's an unkown.

2nd problem, we aren't trading for Philips career, we are trading for Philips & what he currently brings to the table..not what he did for Ottawa 5 or 6 years ago.

3rd prob, not many contending teams have cap space to add Philips salary. & there are rumored to be MANY dmen available at deadline this year, thus your theory of supply & demand doesn't fly here..

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