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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
Last night was one of the most frustrating games I've ever watched.

The Rangers dominated the Red Wings for stretches and Howard was playing like garbage and they still couldnt beat him. How he pulled out a 40+ save performance is the simple product of the lack of skill and finishing on this team right now.

Early on in the game the Rangers came out flying and the Wings were flat. The Rangers had at least 7 quality scoring chances in the first dozen minutes or so, with multiple open looks from the slot and couldnt convert. I was saying to myself you better get one here because if you dont the Wings are going to get it going and score. And of course the Rangers couldnt get it done- IMO the chances of getting two points after that took a serious nose dive.

All in all the Rangers played another solid game, got good goaltending, only a few mental errors. The played the forecheck well and when Detroit came at them they kept them at bay for the most part. There was a sequence when the Wings really possessed the puck but it wasnt long. Thats what i was expecting a majority of the game. Instead the Rangers carried the majority of the play imo, and they came out with nothing. Thats uber disappointing to me, because you HAVE to take advantage of a good team when they arent at their best.

Gaborik to me right now is sticking out like a sore thumb. Hell, even Wolski is all over the place and buying into the system. On more than one occasion (one being a huge one on the 5 on 3) Gaborik lazily played the man and his stick and it lead to a turnover and clear. The battle level is almost non-existent. He turns it on for about 4 seconds and then its gone.

Pierre McGuire said Gabby is one of "the 5 best one-on-one players in the league".... uh what have you been watching? Video from 4 years ago? Because i dont see it. He cant even GET to the slot, let alone let a shot go from there. I hate to bury the guy but if he scores even 1 goal in the last 5 games, the Rangers are probably not in this 5 game losing streak.

I was an ultra, ultra pissed Rangers fan last night.
That sums it up nicely.

You have a young team figuring out alot of things. But as usual the high priced difference maker the Rangers bring in is doing a complete El Foldo.

Defensive break downs aside, the team did what it had to do. We got scoring from two youngsters, but the guy with the talent to take that game over is not there.

I counted just two plays in the 3rd where Gaborick did what he is supposed to do. Other than that he was pretty much a non factor. It's one thing if he's creating scoring chances, but even that is not happening.

That is completely unacceptable given this man's talent.

Over the years I've heard the word "shadow" used by announcers to describe various FA's that have come to the Rangers and failed. They were tip toeing around it the other night, but it was the gorilla in the room.

There is a weight sitting on Gaborick right now, and IMO he is being crushed by it.

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