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02-09-2011, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by jflory81 View Post
These people are probably the same people that thought we were better off without Briere in 05-06 as well when the team got hot after he got hurt. Similar circumstances, too. Briere was carrying the offense and no one else was doing much of anything before he got hurt, then the team rallied and went on a tear.

There are so many different things that go into winning and losing that looking at one player's absence/presence is absurd.
I couldn't agree more, and was going to use a similar analogy as the Briere one. And that's not a heartfelt defense of Roy - it's a fact of the matter. SO MANY factors go into the game's outcome (small and large factors) that, as you said, focusing on one particular player being there or not doesn't make sense.


- Stafford
- the PP continues to look for offense and generate. No more ****** perimeter passes. Make the needed passes and shoot for goal.
- Vanek
- The Grier forecheck on the goal


- Speshil Kneads as the choice on the 3on3. YES, the session was 20 seconds long, but you need to have some more speed on in that scenario IMO


- Downie
- Rollie's DIVE and then loss of composure


A solid win. Absolutely on fire, and I hope it continues.

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