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02-09-2011, 03:27 PM
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Originally Posted by ADoubleD View Post
I find it funny how people think were better off without Roy. Well people have their agendas and look for anything to justify them. Someone with an anti-Roy agenda sees how well the team is playing and see it as the team being better without Roy. People who aren't looking for any reason to crucify players they don't like see how well the teams playing and realize that guys like Vanek and Pominville are producing and playing the way they should have been when Roy was healthy. Stafford's kept his good play up. Also guys like Ennis, Gerbe, and bottom six guys are playing much better. The D's been much better. Myers has been much better, Morrisonn and Weber are playing well together as a pairing.

Ignore all those facts though and just keep thinking were playing well because Roy's out. As great as your boy Vanek is playing if he wouldn't of had his head out of his ass at the beginning of the season we might not have had such a bad start. I bet that fact is convenient for you to ignore though too.
which is exactly what you are doing.

Fact: Vanek can't play the way he has been playing lately...with Roy. Vanek and Ruff have both admitted as much.

I don't think the team is BETTER without Roy. I think the team is the same with or without him.

BUT...Vanek IS BETTER without Roy.

The 2nd bolded is just an acknowledgement of you having your own bias.

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