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02-09-2011, 03:56 PM
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Wow. I don't know where to start here. There are so many things wrong with so many of these posts I don't know what to do with them.

1. Whoever said management was happy with mediocrity is full of it. There are several strategies taken by teams to MAKE MONEY. Some of them produce winners and some don't. Most winners are profitable but not all profitable teams are winners (Toronto hasn't been capable of even winning a Calder Cup the last few seasons let alone making the NHL playoffs). Don't lose site of the fact that management doesn't really give a crap about what we think as long as their wallets keep getting fatter. Mediocrity to them refers to the business side of the game. Not the W column.

2. This team is exciting to watch, and that's a product of the quality of character player that they've been targeting. Were there mistakes made in the current team? Yes. Will there be more? Yes. That's what it's about at this level. Who makes the least mistakes. I think management has been great. Why? Because they are making money. They are making press. Not because they are a winner, but because there is buzz. Because the fans for the most part have not been behind the team like this since 97. Would I prefer them to be the top team in the league? Of course! Does management care about being the top team? In the bottom line first, in the win column second. Don't forget it.

3. Del Zotto. The kid is 20 years old for Pete's sake! Do any of you remember being 20? Are most of you still not over 20? You are young and awkward and it's a pretty big stage. The biggest stage in the world for a hockey player. He needed and probably still needs a wake up call. Wasn't it two seasons ago Glen sent Cally down because he wasn't performing? I remember it clear as day. Would he even dream of sending him down now? Not a chance. Buzz is Del Zotto has the potential to be good. Crazy good. There wasn't this buzz around Cally. Give him some time time to develop before you count him out. He needs to get the tail chasing out of his system and get his mind back in the game. In the next two to three years you will all talk about Del Zotto like you do about Cally and Dubi now and he has the potential to be that much better. If you are all bashing him here in two to three years for being terrible, I'll eat my shoe.

4. Staal. Horse. He is the man. HE (and his defense partner) are THE reason they've stolen games against elite teams this year. They will be the reason this will be elite in the next five years (given the identity of the team continues to be hard work)

5. Girardi. Are you kidding? How can you knock scouting when they got this guy undrafted? Maybe he still makes some mistakes. Everyone does. Most blocked shots in the league. Night in and night out he gets the thankless job of being in Staal's shadow and is expected to lay down in front of the likes of a Zdeno Chara slapshot. Let me ask you. If you knew more often than not you were going block those shots successfully, would you keep doing it? I've heard Sam and Joe say it and I've heard the Vs guys say it and the analysts say it. Girardi is just as good as Staal. They are and would be the top pair on almost any team in this league.

6. Teams don't want to play the Rangers. Even the elite ones. They make them pay. They make them work. If they want that W they know they are going to be hurting in the morning. Tell you what. I bet if they polled the league they would get the highest number of votes from players for a team they didn't want to play in a 7 game series. Not because they injure the other teams. Not because they are bullies or are afraid of them. Not because the Rangers are so good they are going to win every game. Because they play the hardest, work the hardest and they punish opposing teams the most with that hard work. It's frustrating and exhausting playing the Rangers game and many players and coaches have mentioned it.

This is going to add up to a very, very good team. Maybe not this year. Maybe not next, but if they keep instilling this type of work ethic in their players, eventually they will be one of the top teams in the league. Right now, they aren't and if they keep on this skid, there won't be any playoffs this year but hold on to your hats kids. I think it's going to get really fun for us Ranger fans, really soon. I haven't felt this optimistic since 97.

...and I still say Gabby isn't an elite player. Scoring three goals in only games against schlubs isn't elite. When he can get back to multi point games CONSISTENTLY against elite teams, then we can talk.

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