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07-15-2005, 03:18 AM
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I'm all for equal rights, and I don't have any probelms with girls playing in the boys league. This whole issue is sticky though, because of the age. These kids are 14. By that time, many kids will be going through puberty, and hormones will hit them like the proverbial ton of bricks. Now I'm not suggesting that this will lead to some sort of insane sex orgy with the 3 girls (as the story indicates there are) and a ton of boys. Far from it. But the saying "boys will be boys" was made for a reason.

I'm sure there are plenty of girls and women out there who have dressed in the same room as the guys on their teams, and never had an incident. Heck, there might even be teams that don't require the dress code or that the minory gender not be present when players are showering, but the fact is that all it takes is one little incident and the whole thing goes up like a lit match in a pool of gasoline. One kid just needs to accidentally circumvent the dress code, or do something inappropriate.

What if after a while, taking the time to do separate showers becomes cumbersome, so the coach simply erects a barrier in the showers so that the girls have one side and the boys have another. All that has to happen is that one of those hormone driven boys sneaks a peek across the barrier and we have a sexual harassment lawsuit on our hands.

Yeah, I might just be arguing the slippery slope, but the point stands that I don't think it's a good idea for that age group. maybe when they're younger and don't care, or older and mature enough to deal with it, but the early teens are the absolute worst age group to be risking anything happening. Why do you think I didn't have co-ed PE classes in grades 8 and 9 only?

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