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02-09-2011, 08:02 PM
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When the NHL lost a whole season, David Stern vowed that he'd never let that happen to the NBA. They were close to doing just that in 2000, and they're going to be close again next year. There doesn't seem to be as much talk about the NBA, and even a smaller PA to appease. With that said, people talk about the need for contraction in the NHL, the NBA has a bigger need, they need to cut 10 teams in order to maintain some sort of annual competitive balance. Their draft is worthless, coaching sucks, the game itself is a mess because the sport is based off of wanting to be a star and make millions of dollars and not wanting to play.

Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Still confused why people are so anti-ESPN.

I mean, I personally think that ESPN made the right business decision to sever ties with the NHL considering the lockout and astronomically low ratings.

However, now the NHL is a bit bigger and ESPN wants back in. Sports are a business....

If ESPN wants to start airing Thursday night hockey, I say let them go right ahead, it certainly can't hurt.
My theory with a Versus-based brand in previous seasons was that the NHL should offer a Western Conference-heavy schedule to ESPN. It's not like Versus ever acknowledged that a 'Western Conference' exists.

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