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02-09-2011, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Brad2891 View Post
Mobility, like Ohlund, Kubina, Smaby, Jones etc...

Montador didn't really have a bad first half of the season (so far) and he played well last year. In terms of being far worse in our system, I think it's the adjustments Montador would have to make to fit into the system rather than his ability to actually play well here, and the system itself. Getting used to a new system anywhere takes time and possibly presents some initial issues, but if Boucher can ice a regular D corps with the likes of Ohlund, Kubina and Jones, I don't think Montador would be a huge problem. Again, I can easily live without a deal for him being made, but I think he'd provide some depth and is a better player than Jones. Come playoff time, a gritty, veteran depth D-man isn't bad to have at a low price.

As for the Bieksa thing, I actually remember you saying how their stats were similar, but I specifically remember someone saying they prefer Jones over Bieksa. I don't think it was you though.
I said at the beginning of the year based on pay, play, and production i'd prefer Jones because they were very similar and I had doubts about Bieksa rebounding to his old form pre-achillies cut.

So yes, I did say it and I stand by it at the time I said it - i'm not sure anyone expected Bieksa to rebound the way he has (actually rounding out his defensive game i'm guessing out of a lack of former speed), so good on him.
I think the point that is being missed is that Montador is a more realistic acquisition than Seabrook when you take into account the parameters (not moving any early round picks) that Yzerman has claimed he is going to follow when considering making any move.

Other options are certainly out there, but you have to consider whether those alternatives will cost in terms of assets and whether they will come with an expiring and inexpensive contract, because those seem to be of significant interest to Yzerman. Perhaps Yzerman makes a departure from his brief-yet-established M.O. and cashes in a few of the significant chips from the prospect cupboard and stock of draft picks, but, really, I wouldn't count on it. Thus, it's without the expectation for the Lightning to make a bold move that Montador starts make a heck of a lot of sense.

I mean, at the very (unlikely) worst he replaces Smaby as the 7th defenseman.
I understand that completely and discussed that about a page or so back. Do we go for a homerun trade and try to go deep in the playoffs by getting a Phillips type, or do we play it safe and cheap and stand pat or go after a kid buried in the minors that we think we can work in? We have a few different options, i'm sure... but at the same time we have to focus on the long term, we need a kid that will be ready to step into the top six in 1-2 years (Ashton, Panik, Connolly) and to get a few of these defensive prospects working.

I'm betting we hold steady and just try to get some guys playoff experience now and see what UFA/draft time brings us, but you never know.

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