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02-10-2011, 12:05 AM
That's hella cool!
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Shark fan here, I'm a little sad Tampa is rebranding because the Lightning is my favorite Eastern Conference team and I really like the current logo.

I think the new logo is alright, I like the fact that the home jerseys are now blue and they dropped the forward facing numbers, but I think its a downgrade when they drop the silver from the Lightning color scheme. To me that is what made the Lightning unique, now they are the Tampa Bay Maple Leafs.

My Sharks did this to me over 3 years ago when they league switched to the Rbk Edge jerseys. The Sharks dropped gray as a secondary color and added orange instead and I still can't stand it to this day. The Sharks used to be unique too and now they're the San Jose Dolphins.

I have refused to buy a new Sharks home or away jersey and I only own 1 Edge jersey and that's the Black alternate which doesn't have any orange on it, so I feel the pain of those who don't like the new logo because it becomes annoying when everybody else is wearing the new product and you know it won't go away anytime soon.

BTW, how do you guys feel about the microchip in the sleeve in the free jerseys? I think that's big brother to the extreme, I mean what if you want to wear a different jersey to a game? Do that mean you have to carry it with you to every game to get the discounts?

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