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02-10-2011, 12:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
I never said it was nefarious. It just bothers me. I am a consumer who isn't getting what I want, and instead, I get fed a bunch of crap I couldn't care less about.

The Lebron James fiasco really killed ESPN for me. They're like that smug know-it-all kid who gets elected class president because nobody else wanted to run, and then he acts like it's a big deal that he pulled out the win...and now everyone has to put up with his crap. I really hope that VS manages to truly compete with ESPN.

edit: argh, hit post too soon. As for hockey, the general apathy the network at large shows towards the sport just gives me bad vibes about how they would handle things if they had coverage. Not that I think they'd purposefully drive it into the ground...that isn't in their interest. Just expect it to be bad.
When I was in college, ESPN's hockey coverage was *ing fantastic. You had NHL2Night, and during the playoffs they aired 3 games a night. So, I could theoretically watch the Flyers game plus parts of whatever other two games were on ESPN at that moment, plus a Western Conf. game after that.

All this without getting into the fact that I loved Gary Thorne and Clement as a broadcast team.

I think you need to embrace the fact that as a hockey fan, you are a minority of the sports market from a business perspective. A quite loyal and vocal minority, but a minority nevertheless.

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