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02-10-2011, 01:10 AM
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Originally Posted by JimmyDarmody View Post
Fighting is a part of the game and will be for the foreseeable future. Get used to it. I understand how you might be a little raw to that aspect of the game given the rosters we put out every year but that's also why we were *****ed tonight.
You're not teaching me anything. Fighting remains retarded, it's an opinion, I don't have to get used to anything, my opinion will remain the same. I felt the same way 20years ago.
I really don't care about what happened tonight. It was the same thing two years during our last game vs the Bruins when all they did was assault us, which ultimately, gave us a lot of PPs that permitted us to tie the game, head to OT and qualify for the POs.
The Bruins don't scare or bother me, matter of fact, I'd be very happy and confident to face them in the POs again. They're notorious for choking.

What is retarded is saying a goalie has failed because he didn't send a message by beating up a downed opponent. Not only do you completely disregard the possibility of Price inflicting an injury to himself, but for some reason you actually think this would have sent a message. If anything, this would have encouraged the Bruins into playing even more aggressively. It also would have added an extra target on Price. Lucic had no problem going after Price before, you think after Price beats up his goalie he's gonna be careful when he's close to Price now??..

As I said, you should get a clue.

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