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07-15-2005, 01:10 PM
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What an imbecile.

For some reason he thinks that having $29 million to sign 19 players is a good position to be in. Meanwhile ignoring that some of the players you just bought out are better than the ones you could hope to sign.

This is along the same lines as those who think Boston is in a great position right now. I couldn't disagree more.

Boston will be forced to hand out bad contracts- just wait and see.

The Bruins pretty much have one month to sign 20 players. That means they'll have a signing to announce 2/3 days of the month. Sure that might be exciting if you're a Boston fan but it's not a good way to build a team.

When you've got 20 players to sign, there's no fooling around. You can't afford sit there and be picky. If there's a player they want, they won't be able to sit there and hardline them. There will be tremendous pressure on them to sign a lot of players very quickly.

Also, I hear that Sinden has promised the fans they will spend the cap limit. Another mistake- that's when bad, bad decisions are made. When it gets down to near the end of August, many guys are already signed and they've still got money to spend and a promise to the fans, that's when they'll overpay for someone badly. You watch.

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