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Why the same problems? Read -

Didnt want to create a new thread about this, but it kinda falls into the mix of this thread.

When I read this quote on Grosses blog it sent up red flags.

“In practice, I was taking one-timers and a shooting a lot off the point and they asked me if I had done it and I said I did,” Wolski said. “I said I was comfortable with it. There’s a lot of time to face up and see the zone.”
Wolski is also somewhat comfortable at the blue line because, when he first started playing hockey as a kid, he started as a defenseman.

Simple quotes right? Wrong. What does it tell me? does Glen Sather even research these players before he signs / trades for them? Wheres the scouting staff on this? Wolski manned the point his entire junior career and was pretty successful at it. Arent these things you should KNOW about a player you are picking up and relaying that to your coaching staff when he arrives?!? Here we are three weeks from when he came here and they are jsut finding this out now?

These arent things the coaching staff should figure out in practice or if a player themselves brings it up in discussion.

Remember when the Rangers got Boyle? Sather said he did a great job of shutting down Anisimov in the AHL playoffs the prior year... they never even PLAYED against eachother! I mean seriously - what is this guy doing? Just picking names out of hat or going onto and looking up stats to see who might fit in? Thats NOT the way you build a team, its lazy and it shows me theres very little if any intelligent foresight going into signings and deals, other than having to fit a player under the cap (and he manages to screw that up too)

For me, assembling a team has to be extremely analytical because you would like for all the parts to compliment eachother. Sather never thinks this way and it becomes more evident when I read stuff like this. Its not that i dont like Wolski, I like him - but it would have showed me a lot if Sather actually recognized the skill set of the man he traded one of the longest tenured Rangers for and his ability to man the point was actually one of the reasons he brought him in.

Throw in all the failed projects, "human interest stories", and complete bust signings Glen has brought in here over the past 10+ years and you have half of your answer why this team faces the same problems over and over again...The common denominator is lack of talent evaluation and how it fits into a team model.

Glen Sather really hasnt built this current team. The scouting staff at the draft table and the players who took it upon themselves to become pros have. Think about it. Read the stuff about Stepan manning the point in college as well... how come this information wasnt relayed to the coaching staff???

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