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One of the most significant is that the players' share of revenue will rise as revenues rise. We all know it starts at 54 per cent, but it goes up to 55 per cent at $2.2 billion, 56 per cent at 2.4 billion and 57 per cent at 2.7 billion.
Another key thing to understand is the cap figure. Yes, it's $39 million, but that doesn't mean you can't have players on your roster whose annual salaries add up to more than $39 million.

You just can't have them on your roster for the whole year. That $39 million figure is not some mythical paper-number, it's how much a team can actually spend on salaries in one year.

So a team that runs way below the cap for most of the year could conceivably add a big salary player at the trade deadline and, on a paper payroll, go over the cap - so long as the actual money spent on salaries stays below $39 million, it's not a problem.

A team could conceivably go into the playoffs with a roster whose salaries add up to more than $39 million. It's all a matter of balancing the books.
So a team can go over the cap at any point they want during the season...just so long as they don't spend more than $39 mil by the end. I wonder what happens if they do?

Keeping this in mind, I do my damndest to convince Forsberg and Naslund that LA is the place to go. They'd both be cornerstone guys and CLEAR #1/#2 on the team. The Kings have the cap space (although it might make getting Frolov signed under the cap a little tough) to pay BOTH of them the $7.4 mil cap and still have a damn good cast surrounding them. Bring back Luc and Pirnes for cheap and maybe let Belanger, Corvo walk if they won't sign for cheap. And that'd be it.

Avery/Belanger(Cammy if Belanger walks)/TK

If/when Cammy shows he's ready to replace Luc, great. If Brown does it first, great...move him up and slide Cammy into his spot...or Klatt's. Also, Cowan played ALOT with Kovalchuk so he's another option for the top 6. Lehoux has also forced the Kings to consider him as an option and Clarke is in the mix too. At the end of Michigan's season, I fully expect Tambellini to be knocking on the door too.

The D would be:

Dempsey/Weaver(Corvo if he stays)

Or sign Quintal or someone like Weinrich.

If I can't sign Forsberg and Naslund I look at trading for Pronger or signing Niedermayer. I think about Modano and Bondra but probably pass. I look hard at Foote, Rathje, Rafalski, Gonchar and Zubov but pass if I can't trade Miller (I wouldn't buy him out). If Luc walks, I try to get Roberts, Nieuwendyk or Gelinas. I'd look hard at Glen Murray, Brylin and Straka. I'd even think about Lindros but I'd bet my house he's going to Toronto.

But what I DON'T do is bring in guys like Mogliny, Selanne, Zhamnov, Demitra, Kovalev and probably not Palffy or Kariya. What I want (if I'm DT) is a team that's all for one and one for all...and none of those guys strike me as that type. MAYBE Kariya but I dunno.

I also don't sign a goalie unless I can get someone like Burke, Dunham or Osgood cheap. I'd go with Garon and Hauser or Brust. I might think about Brathwaite, Dafoe, Potvin or Snow...but it would be a LOW priority.

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