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Originally Posted by Leaf Army
This is a good point and one that sometimes as fans we don't really think about.

It takes a long time to negotiate a contract. You don't just call up an agent and a couple hours later you're announcing the deal to the media. Every contract negotiation you're in will take time away from another possible deal. This certainly applies RFA negotiations too let alone UFA deals.

Even from a strictly logistical standpoint I don't envy O'Connell. Needless to say he won't have any time off during August.
To build on that point further ..

We don't really know what market price is under the new CBA .. There is no track record .. If you are a UFA are you going to jump at the first offer (unless its the team you want) ?? Not very likely IMO ..

I would take a wait and see approach and watch as the market unfolds ..

Particularly the big Stars .. They will get their money .. But a team like Boston waiting on them to make a decision is difficult knowing you need 15 more UFA to fill the team .. As you go off buying minor fillers you get further from the player in cap room and without being able to land the big name early how do you sell the team to other UFA ?? The old Chicken and Egg concept which came first ..

If Toronto talks to Forsbergs or Naslund agent they know Mats is there looking for a winger .. and a Healthy Belfour gives them a chance at a playoff run ..

Teams in the position to pick and chose the right fit rather then having to fill 15 fits is much better IMO ..

Take teams like Habs and Sens they have core guys Theo & Saku and Hossa and Haveltt and Spezza to get signed as RFA .. Until you do you can't really go UFA shopping as you will never know what you can truely offer a player ..

Again the leafs have minor RFA .. with maybe Ant the biggest name on the list ..

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