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02-10-2011, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by LyleOdelein View Post
Shawn Thornton beating up Hamrlik with a minute left in a 3 goal game says absolutely nothing about that team's willingness to stand up for each other. It's just a guy who's paid to fight getting a little carried away in an emotional game. Same for Campbell on Pyatt. There was no real message to be sent from that, other than that those guys are opportunistic and relentless when it comes to taking advantage of fighting non-fighters.

The Bruins "made their stand" against an easy target which sends a pretty hollow message to the league. It was what it was. A tougher team deciding to take liberties against another team they dislike late in the game. There's nothing really wrong with it, but trying to lionize their cause or the event is pointless.

It might have some significance if they ever do it against a team that fits into the context of your narrative. Such as, the team that shattered their hopes and confidence last year. Or the team who has a clown that destroyed the career of one of their best players. They've had the opportunity to send the relevant messages you speak about before, but they haven't (and I highly doubt they will in the future).
Agreed , cant go doing that those teams match up physically with them. Much like how Lucic hasnt really gone after Komisarek since he has played with toronto. I noticed he started to hit him some the last time they played. The leafs may not be the decent but they can handle themselves physically. Beating up dallas and the habs will sure show philly and the pens.

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