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02-10-2011, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Anthony P View Post
The problem with today's culture is that most people want results instantaneously....

There's a steroid epidemic going on in gyms right now... some people just think they're going to train 6 months and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.... humans are not meant to look like that.... you might have some genetic freaks that can be big, strong and cut all at once, but that is by far the exception....

At my strongest, I benched 3 plates (315 lbs).... I was always natural.... but I ate like a pig and was a bit husky to reach that strength.... now I'm lean, light and obviously weaker....

Stay away from the nitric oxide and fat burners guys, that stuff is very, very bad for your heart over the long run.... if you want to get stronger, eat a lot, but be prepared to put on fat.... if you want to be lighter and in shape, the process is even easier.... regular exercise (I train every day), low impact cardio (40 mins a day on the bike at a pace where your heart is below 120 bpm) and weightlifting at least 4 times a week....

I lost 30 lbs in 4 months by cutting my calories to about 1600-1800 a day.... I don't recommend eating that little though, find out what the appropriate intake is for your height and work it off slowly.... rapid weight loss can have negative consequences to, so take it slow and remember, it's a life long commitment

(getting off my soapbox lol, hope this post doesn't come off sounding too preachy!)
I cut my caloric intake to 1700 when I wanted to trim down. There's no doubt it works, you will melt the fat away, but a diet based on quantity is crap. Eventually, people will start eating more again.
When it's all about quantity, people will continue to eat poorly, but they will eat less.
Once they're done reaching their required weight, most will eventually go back to their bad ways.
The best way to go about it is to understand that it's not a diet that you need to change, it's your way of life. It's not just for 2-3months, it's forever. Sure, give yourself cheats meals every now and then. Give yourself a week of craziness while on vacation if you want. But in the end, it's all about your health and that should always, always, be important.
Eat meat, veggies, some fruits, little starch, nuts and seeds. Throw in a bit of dairy for you liking. Keep the starchy foods for your post workout meal. In a nut shell, that's about it. Don't limit yourself to a limit of calories.

If you want to gain weight, eat more starchy foods.

Originally Posted by chubaka View Post
what is the maximum of bread you should eat in a day? 2-3 slices?
That depends on what you're eating the rest of your day. It also depends if you want to lose/gain weight.
Originally Posted by Anthony P View Post
There's no minimum or maximum.... just count your calories

Assuming the 2200 calorie maximum everyone seems to use as a cap, deduct the amount of calores in bread from that amount and thats what you have left for more appropriate foods

Also, note the fat intake (most sites recommend a maximum of 60g)....
Not everybody has the same minimum or maximum. The cap for a 5'7 165lbs guy is not the same than a 6'2 190lbs. It also depends on your goals. So, that's bad to begin with. Never heard about that though, so not sure I understood perfectly.

There is no problem with good fat. Eat, eat and eat good fat. That's not what makes you gain weight. Overstocking on carbs which means your body will never be able to go burn its energy from your fat source is usually the case. That plus the fact overeating carbs will transform them into fat.

Nobody should ever tell people to watch the fat when they eat if they want to lose weight. Watch your Carb intake is more of the issue.

60g maximum of fat means that you will take in 450Kcal of fat. That doesn't sound a lot to me. Fat is not evil. People will try to limit their fat intake but then eat pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, etc..with little proteins. Most people eat way too much Carbs, that's the problem. Not to mention, their Omega 6 levels are going through the roof while they keep their Omega 3 non-existent or close to it.

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