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07-15-2005, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Leaf Army
What I think is overrated is the notion that taking away the can-opener from McCabe had any impact whatsoever on his play.

1. He still does it sometimes.

2. Even when it was "allowed" (although technically it never was) he only did it once every two or three games. It's not like he used it on every single play.

3. It's not like it provides any great advantage. It's just a stupid stick move to catch guys off balance and knock them down.

4. If Harry Neale didn't start calling it the can-opener and pointing it out every time, no one would even know what it was or notice that he was doing it.

5. Losing his spot on the PP to Svehla and being paired with Lumme all year did far more to hinder McCabe's performance then the stupid can-opener ever did.
But you would have to admit there is something to not being invited to the World Cup or World Championship or Olympics and the coach of the team is your own Pat Quinn ..

Despite being named an All-Star and producing , there must be a reason why talent evaluators and team builders always leave his name of these lists ..

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