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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
Let's get one thing straight, first and foremost; Pacioretty is not agitator.

If a guy like Chara is carrying over a little shove from the last time the two teams played, then the slash he gave Pacioretty during the game should be seen as intent to injure under premeditated conditions, no? Let's just ignore that. How about after the scrum which started with Marchand elbowing Wiz after an icing call, Chara jumped Pacioretty immediately, before Max had even done anything.

If a little shove like the one Patches gave to Chara served as a lightning rod of hate, then imagine what will happen the next time these two meet. Wiz will fully remember what Marchand did, Moen will have it in the back of his mind what happened to Pyatt, Spacek and Hamrlik, and hopefully along with White, the Habs will have added a few more big bodies that can dish some fists.

Not saying I hope they go out and injure the Bruins. Just to even out the playing field a little bit.
By the way, I don't think the term "agitator" is bad at all. I've already said on your Board in the past that I would love PK Subban on the Bruins. Wouldn't be upset about Pacioretty either.
I'm really amazed that you don't view them both as agitators though -- something I equate to a player who is tenacious, aggressive, "pest-like", gets under opponents skin, and produces (most irritating of all) etc..

I do not consider Avery and Cooke as agitators -- they are both dirty cheap shot artists, nothing more nothing less.

Anyway, that little shove (and it was just a little shove) after scoring the OT winner to a guy like Chara is indeed going to linger. Why do you think Chara was basically mugging his own teammate (Kampfer) to get at Pacioretty during one of the big melees? It's because a cocky young rookie (not saying it's bad -- but please don't tell me Pacioretty's not cocky) shoved the captain of the opposing team AFTER having just scored the OT winner.

What would Brian Gionta do if the tables were turned and Tyler Seguin gave him a little "get out of my way" shove after having just scored the OT winner? He'd have exactly the same response and you know it.

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