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02-10-2011, 02:47 PM
Bill McNeal
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Originally Posted by Savynquick View Post
Guys can I ask an honest simple, non-trolling question?

If the rolls had been reversed, and you had the bigger/tougher team, and those fights had resulted in a lot of beat-up Bruins, would you be outraged today? Or would you simply say "good riddance?"

I'm just wondering if it's a genuine real issue worth discussing, or if it's just sort of being on the wrong side of that battle. And fwiw, I thought it was an awesome game, and could make for an awesome playoff series.
I wouldn't be outraged, just like I'm not outraged today about the fights. I'm outraged that my team lost against a bitter rival, but that's what rivalries are all about.

Fact is, I'm more outraged at a lot of our own fanbase for buying into the crap that's being spewed by the media than I am about anything that happened on the ice last night.

I don't watch hockey for the fights, so yesterday was just a sideshow for me. Somewhat entertaining? I suppose. Would have been far more entertaining had either team decided to play defense and we had a nice 4-3 or 5-4 final. 8-6? That's just two teams that decided not to play hockey.

Storyline-wise, yes, it makes the feud more entertaining. But from a hockey standpoint? Yesterday's game was a joke.

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