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Originally Posted by Watsatheo View Post
That's the thing, only team in the league that Pacioretty gets under the skin of is the Bruins so it's obviously it leads back to the little shove. It'd love for him to piss off other opponents and get them to take dumb penalties too but he doesn't have that effect with other teams. I seriously doubt Gionta would hold a grudge and go after him the next game multiple times and expect Seguin to fight for some reason. He'd probably push Seguin, or the more likely suspect Marchand, back after the shove at the time though.

What kinda surprises me is how much the Bruins players bad mouth the Habs to the media after games. Is this common when they face other teams too? Even with all the Habs media we never hear the Habs players say anything close to what the Bruins players (Marchand last night and Krejci in the game before for example) get quoted for.
Interesting. I confess, I see very few Canadien's games outside of match-ups against Boston. I naturally assumed Pacioretty gets under skin of other teams as well because I certainly think he does with Boston -- probably because he scores too many damn goals against us!

As far as bad-mouthing other teams, I'd have to say the answer is no. Think it all comes down to the BOS/MTL rivalry thing, and the fact that for the last 10 games or so, Montreal has owned us. Marchand is a yapper and an agitator (the good kind, in my opinion) so I'd not put too much stock in what he might say. David Krejci on the other hand is about as mild mannered as they get -- really be hard pressed to get him to say something unkind -- which leads me to believe there really is something "special" about the BOS/MTL clashes -- at least from the Boston side.

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