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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post

I'm not leaving anything out. That wasn't the point being discussed. The other poster mentioned getting lucky, and brought up Zetterberg as an example. That's the example I responded to. If he'd brought up Parise, I would have responded to that example by directing him to look at the league leaders in points every year over the last 5 years and to notice what percentage of those players were drafted in the lottery, and what percentage weren't. But that isn't the example he brought up, so why would I have responded in that manner?

I did not simply say "You're saying there will never be a Parise again" If I spelled it out perfectly and even more implicitly it would be "You made no mention of the fact that though there may not be a zetterberg in the 7th round there will definitely be more Parise's. To mention that is important to your point about needing to get elite talent and tanking.
You haven't corrected me about anything. You just made an assumption, and an incorrect one at that. You assumed that I left out early round steals. But early round steals weren't being discussed. I didn't leave out anything. If you want to bring up early round steals as a subsequent point, that's fine. But don't accuse me of leaving them out of a discussion they were never a part of to begin with.
I only responded to points that were on topic. All other nonsense I responded to you in PM. In the interest of sparing the board yes I PM'd you about the irrelevant stuff. If the mods choose to leave it up then fine but the stuff about your 5 years is irrelevant to me. Nowhere in this thread did I insult or attack you and I calmly took the time to explain everything you misread in as non insulting and simple a way as I could think of. By all means if my PM is anything horrible or harassing put it up or send it to a mod but it's not. Just me addressing the concerns that you had which weren't relevant to this thread. I have never derailed a thread like you are accussing me of so I feel this was a logical step to take to avoid doing that.

But I didn't assume you left out anything about earlier didn't put anything in about earlier round steals so you DID leave it out. You felt it's not relevant to your response to that poster but you do talk about needing to tank to get the elite player and I responded to all of what you wrote including that. Perhaps when you initially wrote it you didn't mean for those points to be connected but to bring up the tank to get an elite player leads to me saying "Hey wait what about the steals that are there every single year?" And I referred to it as catching lightning in a bottle so i'm not saying the Rangers can do it but if you look at my response NUMBER 6 I do talk about why I feel good while simultaneously acknowledging you also have a valid logical arguement too. I just don't know how to be much more graceful and respectful of your position than that.

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