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02-10-2011, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by NHLcrazy View Post
Hardly...Only Quebecor will make $$ out of this, they invest peanuts, use the arena, broadcast the games and PK Peladeau will laugh all the way to the bank every year.
No Labeaume decided to not involve any private entity because they wanted to control the revenues. Not Quebecor. He said "we're not gonna have a company come in and put SOME dollars where they would decide to run the building while people pay for the magority of it". Sure Quebecor will make money from a possible hockey team but they won't have carte blanche with the building.

As for Labeaume he gets re-elected and is remembered as the guy who ''brought the Nordiques back''. Ego trip.
What ego trip? The guy wants a hockey club, he did a lot of things for the city already, he wants things to happen and make everything possible to accomplish what he sets out to do. The guy has already the support of the whole city, he is the most popular politician in the province, he doesn't need MORE support.

The QC government will not make money with all this, if it were the case lots of private investors would be lining up to take part of the project! wonder the federal is not involved.
The city and province will roll in money if there's a hockey club, though. They are already talking to developers about condos and so forth around the building. This would be quite a spike to the economy of the city and the province.

Sure as a hockey and Habs fan I'd be thrilled to see them back, thrilled! But public funds should only be a small % of the total investment, very small.
I disagree. Hockey is THE most important thing in our culture. It should be publicly fund. Esp. if it brings hockey in Canada, it would cultivate the interest for the sport.

Good point... Look at Winnipeg, nice big new arena, no team.
Québec needed a brand new arena no matter what. Hockey or no hockey. It was disgraceful that it had a 61 years old building.

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