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10-10-2003, 11:23 AM
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I dont think Sens would risk losing anyone for Keane, after all, Keane is a good depth guy, but Thomas is a better fit for Sens if they want the cup, and Thomas has always said that he wants a chance to win the cup!! Weird how he has been known for a playoff performer, and yet, never win a championship..

speaking of Havlat, I beginning to feel sick on what Sens is doing ( although also admires that), they offer Havlat way below his market value.. heck, i think they offer him 1.3M/year for like 3 years!?

for a 3rd highest scoring player on the best team in the league, good defensively, worth only $1.3? I'd say he is a good player worth at least $1.5-2.0M. Muckler is using Hossa as comparison on how he making only 2-3M.. but Hossa is a steal, and he signed the contract a couple years ago.. you cant compare that... Yashin was deserving, Havlat, its disappointing. I'd love to see him play for Sens, He certainly would add a lot more to their lineup than Thomas...

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