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Originally Posted by Anthony P View Post
P90x is a workout that focuses on "muscle confusion..." an interesting term that doesn't really exist, but that's a topic for another discussion.... p90x is a series of circuit training exercises, I believe the guy that developed it is ex navy seals but don't quote me on that.... I know this isn't what you're asking, but I'm leading up to the fact that there are many exercises in p90x and it's sold as a DVD bundle.... one of the workouts is the ab ripper exercise....

You don't need much for this exercise, just a mat, don't use your carpet, you will end up with carpet burn lol.... anyway, it's 11 exercises with 25 reps.... however, 2 of the 11 exercises are actually 2 in 1 style exercises, so after the first circuit you should have done over 300 reps.... they do this in the video in about 16-18 minutes.... I do two circuits of these, but I've been doing them for a while, when you first start, if you're not in the habit of working your abs intensively, you may struggle to get through the first circuit of 11 exercises....

The video is available on google, I imagine there is no copyright infringement since it's not linked to youtube, it's in fact a google video link (the video is divided in 2 for some reason):

Part 1:

Part 2:

If you like the series, you can buy the entire system for about $150.... but be advised you will need training gear, waits, bars, etc....
Or it can be found through other means.

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