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07-15-2005, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by GagneScores12
Of course they understand Hitch's system. What's not difficult to comprehend about clutch and grab hockey? I could care less whether or not Richards and Carter can play "defensive" hockey because we know they can. We don't need to worry about our players playing defense. They're fine defensively. We need to worry about our players scoring goals. That's what wins games. The last time I checked, the object of hockey was to score more goals than the opposing team. Instead, the mentality now is to avoid having goals scored. The problem with that is that it takes away the offensive part of the game.

I'm just tired of our players being held back. The guys we have are all great defensively. I want to see Hitch loosen the reins and let the folks play. Until he does that, then yes, we'll always be one of those clutch and grab teams.
so if Hitch does open up his system, do you think trading JR, KJ, and the rest will help?

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