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10-10-2003, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by JCProdigy
-Edge: Trust me, there was plenty of cookie cutter "crappy" music during every one of the past 5 decades. There just isn't a good balance right now but these things go in cycles and somebody will come around to give music a kick in the ass it needs.

I dont doubt it, at the moment though there isnt so i'm not much interested. However, i will say this, if they do indeed drop prices down to the under 10 dollar range i will be much more willing to take a chance on a cd. but at 20 bucks a pop and no way to "rent" the album first, i am not interested in expanding my tastes at the cost of my wallet.

I've got a wedding coming up in May and its hard to justify having my fiancee and me spending 60 bucks a month on music.

But at 10 bucks....yeah i'll expand a little more.

the only band i kinda like right now that isnt too big is Nonpoint, other than them i havent bought any newer cd's in a while. though i am following Chris Hall {stabbing westward} and his new band "The Dreaming".

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