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07-15-2005, 10:26 PM
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Originally Posted by donelikedinner
so if Hitch does open up his system, do you think trading JR, KJ, and the rest will help?
Ok, now you're totally misconstruing what I'm saying. If you READ, READ, what I wrote, nowhere in there do I say "oh we have to trade Handzus and Johnsson." Nowhere does it say that. Nowhere have I said that we should trade them.

What I said, and I will repeat this very slowly, is that they are, repeat, they are, our most valuable assets in terms of trades. If, if, if, Carter and Richards are deemed ready to take on significant ice time, and if, if, if, that ice time cuts into Handzus' playing time, then and only then, should Handzus be considered as potential trading material.

As for Johnsson, I stated in my opinion, once again, my opinion, he is not the number 1 d-man in Philadelphia. That would be Markov. Remember, this is just MY opinion. I also stated that if we were ever to deal Johnsson, he would land us a goldmine. No where in anything I said did I say we should deal Johnsson.

As for Roenick, yes, I said that we should buy him out. Fact of the matter is that we have four players that account for over 18 million of the $33,772,777 that we spend on payroll. Those four players are John Leclair, Tony Amonte, Donald Brashear and Jeremy Roenick. That is an awful lot of money to tie up into four players. I said buying out Roenick provides us with much financial flexibility. Roenick himself counts for 4.94 million against the cap. That is too much for a player who is past his prime. I also said that Roenick is also a health risk waiting to happen. He's had 10 concussions already. That is awfully high. I also said that because he's 35 years of age, he's taking up a valuable roster spot that can be used for either a free agent who might be 5 to 7 years younger, still have some game left and won't cost as much. Or, if we decide to do things on the cheap, we use someone like Umberger instead.

I don't see what the harm is in us going younger. People will say that we were one game away from the Stanley Cup final. However, people also fail to see that we no longer have nearly half that team that took us to within one game of the Stanley Cup final. Our defense core has been decimated. Key forwards like Recchi and Zhamnov are nowhere to be found. I have no troubles with going younger and going cheaper. As well, it does no good playing our youngsters 7 to 10 minutes a game. If that's the case, don't even have them on the Flyers. Have them play with the Phantoms where they will get a ton of ice time.

Carter and Richards NEED the ice time. They don't need to be spoonfed ice time. That's why I'm adamant on having Roenick bought out because he will factor in heavily in terms of ice time. That will have a negative effect on the youngsters. If we want them to succeed, then they need to be able to play lots, but more importantly, have some room to make mistakes. If that's not the case, then we're wasting them. And that would be a huge mistake.

There, is that clear enough now or would you like me to clarify things even further?

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