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02-10-2011, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Azalichio View Post
Got back from the game a few minutes ago. Overall the habs didn't play that bad of a game, at least, most player did. Some even had great game.

But holy crap was Wiz and Hammer bad. Wiz was especially horrible, always late on the play, couldn't hold the line, bad decision all night long. Probably made Hammer look much worse then he actually was. Everytime those two were on the ice and the puck was in the habs zone, impossible to get it out. Felt like a nightmare.

I'm a big fan of Andrei K. Never thought he would be a star and most of the time, I think he's worth the money he's getting. But please, please, keep him away from Gomez. As far as possible, those two CANNOT be playing together. Kostitsyn, for all his flaw, still had a good +/- and was showing good effort most of the time this season. Every time he's been demoted to the second line with Gomez it's like he completely lose all of his skills. K need to be playing with hard worker, that's why it worked well early in the season with Plek, why he doesn't look too out of place when playing with the 3rd and 4th line. He feed on the energy of players around him. Gomez is somewhat that kind of player too, those two together are probably the worse combination you can make with the habs. And oh boy did it reflected on Eller's game, the kid looked lost on the ice.

In the late third, Gomez was booed alot and I feel it's going to get much worse before it get better.
Hamrlik and Wisniewski are getting more ice time than they are able to handle right now, but with the injuries, they get a pass from me on their play.

As for the Gomez line, JM is showing that he's not thinking clearly by putting them together again after last night's game. I don't know why he thought that they would magically be better, and contribute in a positive way. All 3 players should have been split up tonight.

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